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Enter the Redwood Forest

Walk among old growth redwoods, cooling their roots in the fresh water of Redwood Creek, and lifting their crowns to reach the sun. Federally protected as a National Monument since 1908, this primeval forest is both refuge and laboratory, revealing our relationship with the living landscape. What will you discover in Muir Woods?

Access Information
Access Information for People with Disabilities

Transportation information

Prepare for your walk in the woods
Learn how to make the most of your visit to Muir Woods – where to hike and how to safely find parking.

Where should I hike?
Explore your many options for a fun, safe, and memorable day hike!

Operating Hours
Learn about Muir Woods hours and days of operations.

Information on permits – weddings, filming, music, photography and more.

Junior Ranger
If you are between the ages of 8-12, you can become a Muir Woods Jr. Ranger!

Get Involved
The Sustainable Access Project Draft Environmental Assessment is available for public review and comment until December 5, 2016